Some already know a little about me, others don’t know me at all. But that little they know is something which, how should I say, shaped my life, as I don’t want to be cruel saying broke a part of me.

Got 21 in 2007, and that’s really hard knowing that I am moving on more! Anyways, living in Mauritius, I made a paradise out of my hell, and I precised, MY hell. I don’t want MTPA people coming to me for bad WOM. LoL.

Trnu on nwe laef… thnik is what you do when you can spell!!! 😉

Well, I wished to turn on a new life, but that’s not  so much feasible. So…  let’s see what happens with a new vision, new angle of viewing things and new… nails to hammer!! Hahaha.

Someone nicely said…

When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Lte me hmmaer tehn!

Nice reading!



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